Real-time economy

The Problem:
Years ago, the American economist Robert Solow blasphemed: “The computer age can be seen everywhere, except in productivity statistics.”  While labor productivity growth from the 1970s to the mid-1990s was still around three percent, productivity growth since the mid-2000s has been below one percent. But what is the reason for this paradoxical development? One of the main reasons is the continued lack of innovation.

The Solution:
Real-Time Economy is an environment where all the transactions between business parties are in digital format, increasingly automatically generated, and completed in real-time from business and IT-processing perspectives. For enterprises, public sector, and citizens this means, for example, that orders, order confirmations, invoices, and payments flow from system to system without delays. The concept of Real-Time Economy was created by the University of Aalto in Finland at the beginning of the milennium. Continue reading

Disrupt or be disrupted

We started our company in Estonia, because it is the #1 digital nation worldwide. 99% of public and business services are online available in 24/7 modus. Based on that Estonia has already transformed in a Real Time Economy (RTE). We use the advantages of this digital society – our company is 100% digital and borderless.

Our aim is to improve your companies digital excellence and adoption rate.
We design innovative solutions based on Cloud, Webservices and Blockchain.
Use our digital experience to make your business intelligent and efficient.

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